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An Alberta mortgage broker loan advisor gives the benefits of an Alberta second mortgage - how much equity is required to qualify - and ‘how fast’ an online mortgage approval takes!

What are the benefits of taking out a second Alberta mortgage loan, an Alberta second mortgage, mortgage Alberta second loan?
Your mortgage broker Alberta specialist will be able to arrange your Alberta second mortgage so you have many benefits. A second Alberta mortgage loan may allow you to consolidate other high interest debts you may have and save up to 60% in payment savings. An Alberta second mortgage allows you to use the home equity in your home to get cash for other purposes, such as home improvement, medical treatment, education needs, a new car or for other personal needs. Your mortgage Alberta second loan helps you realize both savings and convenience. Your second Alberta mortgage loan gives you savings by consolidating debt from other sources with higher interest rates often mean overall much lower monthly payments - often up to as much as 60% less each month in payments. Your Alberta second mortgage allows you the convenience of consolidating all your bills into one monthly Alberta mortgage payment.

Do you need equity in my home to get a second mortgage Alberta loan?
And the amount of loan that you can get for your mortgage Alberta loan depends on your credit report Alberta scoring. Your mortgage broker Alberta specialist will pull your credit report in Alberta to see your credit report Alberta score. If your credit is poor then you will still be able to receive up to 75% of the Canadian appraised value of your home. Even if you are down on your luck job wise and credit wise our mortgage broker Alberta specialist will be able to help you. If your credit is ‘average to good’ you may qualify for refinancing to up to 95% of the current appraised value of your home. This is done by redoing your 1st Alberta mortgage rather than obtaining an Alberta second mortgage. Your mortgage broker Alberta specialist may wish to recommend this to save you interest costs.

Do you need to make an office visit or have a mortgage broker Alberta specialist come to your home to apply for an Alberta mortgage second or second mortgage Alberta equity loan?
There is no office visit required with us. Our mortgage broker Alberta specialist is online and able to help you immediately with an online mortgage application. Once your Alberta mortgage is approved by the best lowest rate Alberta lender we will send the approval documents to you - either by fax or by electronic email attachment. As with all important decisions - advice really matters. We believe that ‘our first interests are in your best interests’ so you can be assured that you will obtain expert mortgage Alberta loan advice from us. How fast is our loan approvals? An Alberta mortgage approval is very fast - often within 4 hours. An Alberta lender needs to know what the true value of your property is but will give us an immediate approval ‘subject to’ confirmation of the appraised value (maybe higher than expected value). If you would like an Alberta second mortgage or second mortgage Alberta loan then please contact us today.

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