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Why use Gregory Stanley, CFP for your personal Mortgage Broker?

When Greg Stanley was interviewed about why someone should use him as their personal mortgage broker, Greg responded 'it is all about getting the right advice that suits your best interests. As your mortgage broker I know that I will earn your business because I offer more than others - the very best rate with the right mortgage terms for your unique needs combined with a very caring service'. In fact his trademark mission statement 'my first interests are in your best interests' has made him a success story for over 22 years in the financial services industry. See Greg's resume.

'My first interests are in your Best Interests'

He guarantees his mission statement with every mortgage application he writes. If you place a mortgage with him he will guarantee you the best rate over the next 90 days. If the rates improve with the lender you will get the lower rate between what you applied for and what is currently available. During that same 90 days if any other lender has more favorable rates and better terms Greg will move you to them - AT NO CHARGE! You can lock in the very best rate today and know that Greg will continue to monitor the market to get the very best deal for you that encompasses everything important about a mortgage - rates, prepayment options, amortization etc. His personal guarantee is that he will give you the very best advice in arranging your mortgage that only a professional mortgage broker can do for you. His mortgage advice will be put in writing for you to review and discuss with him. He gets personally involved in your file and looks forward to speaking to you.

And his personal guarantee is not the only amazing service that makes him truly unique as a mortgage broker. He was the first mortgage broker in Canada to become a certified financial planner (CFP), which allows him to work with other advisors: accountants, lawyers, insurance agents, and financial planners across the country, to solve your personal needs. He takes giving proper advice seriously.

Greg admits that 'anyone can go directly to a bank'.

But, you will still be dealing with someone whose sole interest is serving their own bank - their own employer. You will get 'their rate' and not necessarily the best rate on the market. You will be restricted to the definitions of their products without comparison to other competitors. A bank loan officer is not obligated to compare their mortgage terms to any other competitor in the marketplace. And really, can you even imagine a loan officer saying? 'You know, I'd love to give you this mortgage but 'so and so' institution has much better mortgage terms, with less penalties, and I even hear they are a full percentage point less than us. You should go there!' That would never happen at your bank but it really does occur in a mortgage brokers office. Greg is always comparing other institutions for best value in mortgage terms and rates.

Greg is also networked with other financial planners across the country that will sit down with you and resolve your financial woes by getting you financially back on track again.

Greg has a unique knowledge that allows him to 'walk the walk' with bankers, financial planners, insurance agents and lawyers that is second to none. Greg can work with you directly or with your advisor to make sure that your mortgage application is approved. If you are looking for a mortgage and wish personalized care from one of the very best mortgage brokers in Canada - look no further. Greg Stanley is your mortgage broker. Contact him today.

'My first interests are in your best interests'
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